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How much is your property worth?

Are you interested in knowing how much your property is worth? Why not let the team at Brian Cox give you a free valuation. With our local knowledge and years of experience, you will be sure to receive an accurate, honest valuation of your property with no obligation.

Brian Cox specialises in properties in Greenford, Harrow, Sudbury Hill and Northolt and the surrounding areas. To make sure we stay top of our game we engage in regular training and industry events. You can rest assured that Brian Cox will give you a reliable, sound valuation so that you know what your property is really worth.


  • Thinking about selling a property?
  • Looking to release equity for investment?
  • Preparing for your next move

The key to a successful sale is getting an accurate valuation in the first place. The initial marketing phase generates a wave of interest from potential buyers, which is why it is important to make sure that your property is advertised at the right price from the moment it hits the market.

When is the right time for a property valuation?

Before you start making plans it’s a good idea to get a reliable market appraisal as soon as possible. At Brian Cox we offer a friendly valuation service totally free of charge. Sometimes it’s good to know how much your property is worth, just in case. Whether you are thinking about re-mortgaging or simply want to know how much equity you might have to play with, just give us a call at Brian Cox and we’ll be happy to help.


How much does a property valuation cost?

At Brian Cox we don’t charge for valuations, this is a free service we offer to anyone thinking about selling their property.

When should I think about getting a valuation?

Before you even start looking for a new property, it’s a good idea to have a valuation so that you know the position you’re in. The property market fluctuates, so it’s best to arrange a valuation sooner rather than later. We are always happy to provide updated valuations, if the market changes. We can also help find your new home, with our large database of great properties to suit all budgets.

What areas do you cover?

With our network of five offices we cover a large geographical area including Greenford, Harrow, Sudbury Hill and Northolt and have an excellent local knowledge of the current market.

If I have a valuation from you, do I have to use your

services to sell my property?

Not at all. Our valuations are free of charge and you are under no obligation to use us. We are a friendly team of experienced sales agents who are happy to give advice about the value of your property, with no pressure on you to appoint our services.

I am only thinking about selling at the moment, can I still get a free valuation

We understand that some people would like to know how much their property is worth, just out of interest. You don’t have to have firm plans to sell to benefit from our expertise in valuations – it’s what we do and all part of providing a good customer service experience!

How do you work out what my house is worth?

At Brian Cox we take into consideration all sorts of factors when putting together your bespoke valuation. No two scenarios are the same and we provide an accurate tailor made valuation based on a variety of components. For example, how quickly you want to sell could affect the price, alongside the competition in your area and the condition and age of your property.

If I had a valuation a year ago, would I need another one?

The property market changes all the time. We are happy to give you an up to date valuation, even if you’ve had one in the last few months. There is never a dull moment in the property market and at Brian Cox it’s the people who make our job interesting. That’s why we are always happy to visit your property and refresh the valuation, or give you a new one from scratch. Property and people are our passion!

A valuation you can trust

To book a free, valuation with one of our experienced and friendly sales agents, just call your local branch or simply complete the form below:

020 8578 1004 – North Greenford office
020 8578 1005 – Central Greenford office
020 8912 0006 – Harrow office
020 8422 1007 – Sudbury office
020 8842 4008 – Northolt office
020 3866 6640 – North harrow office